• Victoria Lynne

Blog: My First Post!

I have always wanted to start a blog and now I finally have the time. To be honest, I am not the best writer, but I am going to do my best. I have so many tips, tricks, experiences, and stories to share. I am so excited to finally be writing them all down and sharing them with the world.

As of this moment, I am at my desk writing while listening to Sia and enjoying some clam chowder soup (idk why I'm having soup in 90 degree weather). I am also trying to decide what to start writing for my blog, so I decided to start my introducing my blog and what it is about. I'll start off by saying this blog is going to be about way more than just music. I am a singer/songwriter, and I love music, but that's not all I'm about.

This is the ME ME ME blog, basically this is the page on my website where I share whatever I want about myself and my life. The goal of this blog is to entertain, inform, and inspire! I will be sharing so many of my experiences including: performing, hospitals, shopping addiction, perms, and more. I'll be writing about vocal health, habits, things I've learned, and of course music!

I also want to share things that inspire me and hopefully write things that will inspire others. This blog is going to be full of fluffy, funny, crazy, and cheesy posts (not including actual cheese).

That concludes my very first and very short blog post! I do not have a solid posting schedule yet, but I will be posting at least twice a week for sure. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section, or if you have any questions of suggestions for future posts, feel free to message me in the contact section.


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