Victoria Lynne

Origin: Las Vegas
Genre: Pop/Soul/Blues

After overcoming three spinal surgeries Victoria Lynne is on a journey to sing her heart out and spread positive vibes to everyone around her. Starting out at open mic nights, to singing at birthday parties, all the way to opening up the House of Blues Bringing Down The House showcase. Victoria has continued to develop her craft and skills as an entertainer, and hopes to share her passion with every audience she can reach. 

Victoria Lynne works to bring a new kind of energy to entertainment, promising to bring good vibes and an upbeat setlist full of modern as well as older hits. Victoria's goal is to bring smiles and laughs to everyone around while providing good music and memorable time of entertainment. 

Here is a taste of Victoria Lynne's original music.


That's spicy.mp3Victoria Lynne
00:00 / 02:23
Don't Push Your Luck.mp3Victoria Lynne
00:00 / 02:32
The girl you don't see.mp3Victoria Lynne
00:00 / 02:43
Lost It.mp3Victoria Lynne
00:00 / 03:00
Think Again.mp3Victoria Lynne
00:00 / 03:07
IDC.mp3Victoria Lynne
00:00 / 02:21
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